Tuft & Needle vs. Casper vs. Leesa Mattress Comparison Review

Tuft & Needle vs. Casper vs. Leesa MattressYou will agree with me that Casper, Tuft & Needle and Leesa are among the best mattress brands.

If you are looking for a Queen size mattress, we have lined up the best models from each brand.

These are Casper Sleep Memory Foam 10-Inch Mattress, Leesa M-Q-01 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress, and Tuft & Needle Original 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress.

  • The three are 10-inch memory foam mattresses that offer excellent value for money.

But which one is the best mattress in 2020? Let’s find out which mattress wins this Tuft & Needle vs. Casper vs. Leesa comparison review.

Before we move further to the finer details, a little acquaintance with the brands and their respective models will set us on the right footing.

Comfort Layer
Trial Period
CertiPUR-US Certified
Memory and poly foams
Rayon and polyester materials
5-inch 1.8pcf polyfoam
3 comfort layers
100-day nights
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Memory and poly foams
Seamless Iconic Four-stripe Cover
6-inch 1.8pcf Foam (32 ILD)
1 comfort layers
365 nights
Check Price
Rayon and polyester materials
7-inch 1.8pcf HD Polyfoam
2 comfort layers
100-day nights

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Tuft & Needle is No.1 Top-rated on Amazon

Tuft & Needle
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This is a US mattress brand that was started in 2012.

Currently, it has two mattresses manufactured in the USA;

  • Tuft & Needle Original
  • the new Tuft & Needle Mint.

We picked the Tuft & Needle Original 10-inch mattress because it is the most popular T&N mattress and is widely available at an affordable price.

T&N comes with one support core layer and one comfort layer infused with gel and graphite.

Casper Mattress Represents Good Value

Casper Sleep
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This is arguably the best mattress brand and was established in 2014.

Today, Casper boasts three mattresses;

  • Casper Essential,
  • Casper Sleep Original
  • Casper Wave.

The Casper Sleep Original 10-inch Foam Mattress is our choice because it is better than the Essential.

As for the Wave, it still hasn’t hit the market; therefore not a good match for comparison with other brands.

Casper has a single support core and three comfort layers and is one of the most supportive and responsive mattresses in the market.

Leesa Mattress is Thoughtfully Designed

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Established in 2014, Leesa is also an American mattress brand that is renowned for two mattresses as well;

  • Leesa 10-inch Foam Mattress
  • Sapira Hybrid Mattress.

We picked the Leesa mattress because it is a foam mattress like T&N and Casper.

This mattress has one support core layer and two comfort layers.

Tuft & Needle vs. Casper vs. Leesa Face-to-Face Comparison

If you are not sure which is the best mattress for you among the three, we have tried our best to compare all the important aspects we consider when buying a mattress.

For every consideration, we have a winner and the reason as to why it is better than the other two.

So without further wasting more time, let’s get to business.

Mattress construction

  • The most important aspect when choosing a mattress is its construction.
When you dig deeper, you realize that several layers make the mattress. We have the cover, the comfort layer, and the support layer. The construction of the mattress determines the overall feel and also the durability.

Let’s see how the construction of Tuft & Needle Original Queen 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress, Casper Sleep Memory Foam 10 Inch Mattress and Leesa Universal Adaptive Feel Memory Foam Cooling 10” Mattress, Queen compare and find out which one is the best.


This is the outer material of the mattress. It is imperative to look out for a mattress cover that is easy to maintain and doesn’t catch dirt easily.
Besides maintenance, you want a mattress cover that ensures air circulation. Above all, it should be appealing to the eye.

So, how does Tuft & Needle vs. Casper vs. Leesa compare?

Tuft & Needle Original

This mattress comes with a breathable cover that blends rayon and polyester materials.

The advantage of rayon is that it is eco-friendly because it is artificially manufactured and most importantly, it is cooler than polyester.

But again, it is not as durable, so Tuft & Needle had to reinforce it with polyester for durability.

Leesa Universal

This mattress comes with a Seamless Iconic Four-stripe Cover made from high-quality Woven Polyester and Lycra® Spandex.

We really don’t like the polyester because it not cool and makes sleepers feel sweaty and that’s why Leesa introduced Lycra® Spandex to at least give the mattress breathability and also body contouring as it stretches easily.

Casper Sleep Original

Just like Tuft & Needle Original, Casper Original also comes with a zip-off cover made from rayon and polyester blend.

It also sleeps cool because of the rayon fabric which is breathable, cool and wicks moisture.

Winner – As far as the mattress cover is concerned, we really appreciate the efforts of the three brands.
The mattresses all have breathable covers, so it is a draw as far as sleeping cool is concerned.
However, regarding maintenance, and durability, Leesa Universal Adaptive Feel Memory Foam Cooling 10” Mattress takes the crown. The cover doesn’t catch dirt easily while the blend of woven polyester and spandex makes the entire cover tough.

Comfort Layer

Next up is the comfort layer and this is what ensures your mattress contours around your body.

When it comes to mattress comfort, the more the layers, the more comfortable the mattress. Also, the type of material used to craft these layers really matters with memory foam, gel and latex being the popular materials.

If you wake up with bed sores, backaches and body pains, it is imperative that you look for the most comfortable mattress to relieve your pressure points.

So, which is the most comfortable mattress in this Tuft & Needle vs. Casper vs. Leesa review?

Casper Original

This mattress has three comfort layers; an extra one compared to the Casper Essential.

  • 1.5-inch Polyfoam,
  • 1.5-inch 4pcf memory foam
  • 1.5-inch 2.5pcf Polyfoam.

Tuft & Needle Original

This model has a single comfort layer made from

  • 3-inch 2.8pcf polyfoam infused with graphite and gel.

Leesa Universal

As for this mattress, the comfort layers are two;

  • First, there’s a 2-inch 3pcf LSA200 polyfoam (13 ILD) polyfoam
  • the bottom followed by a softer 2-inch 3pcf memory foam (9 ILD).
Winner – As we said earlier, the more the comfort layers, the more enhanced the comfort.
T & N has a single layer but compensates the equation with infused gel. The gel is soft and very responsive making it the best for sleepers with conditions like arthritis because it contours easily and relieves all pressure points. But still, it isn’t comparable to Leesa and Casper which have more than one comfort layer made from Polyfoam and memory foam at different density.
That means the real battle here is between Casper vs. Leesa and it is the former that takes the crown because of the extra comfort layer in for of zoned support that is firmer under the hip and pelvic region and softer on the shoulder and arms region to prevent ‘dead arms.


This forms the base of the mattress and is essential in keeping the spinal column aligned.

  • Remember, the main reason you wake up with backaches is sleeping while the spine is improperly aligned with the pelvic region.

The support layer also contributes to edge support. If you are a heavy sleeper, you really need to get a firm mattress, and that means a solid support core.

Let’s review the Tuft & Needle, Casper and Leesa mattresses to find out which one has better support and edge support as well.

Casper Original

This mattress has a single support core composed of a 5-inch 1.8pcf polyfoam.

Tuft & Needle Original

The T & N Original mattress boasts one 7-inch layer of support core that consists of 1.8pcf HD Polyfoam.

Leesa Universal

Here, we also have a single support core layer comprising a 6-inch 1.8pcf Foam (32 ILD)

Winner – Here, we want the best mattress that can support even the heaviest of sleepers without sinking. The edge support should also be able to withstand the entire weight when one sits on the edge of the bed.
A key parameter when looking at how solid the mattress support is the foam’s density represented in pounds per cubic feet (pcf). The lower the density, the more robust the support core.
As we have seen, the three mattresses have the same foam density of 1.8pcf. However, they have different thickness, and this is the aspect we will use to determine the winner. The thicker the support core, the firmer the mattress is and so is the durability.
Tuft & Needle is a favorite here because of the 7-inch thickness followed by Leesa and lastly Casper. It should also last longer before starting to show signs of improper sinkage.

Mattress firmness

  • Another important consideration when choosing a mattress if its firmness and this is basically how hard or soft it feels.

A good mattress should have average sinkage in that it should neither be too hard nor soft. Firmness is represented in a scale of 1-10 with a higher score representing a more firm mattress.

One thing you need to understand is that there is nothing like the best mattress firmness because how you feel the mattress is not the same way someone else will feel it. This is because the weight is a crucial dynamic when ascertaining the firmness of a mattress.

Let’s evaluate the firmness levels of Tuft & Needle, Casper and Leesa to find out which type of sleeper each one is suited for.


The Casper mattress comes with a solid support core made from 5-inch 1.8pcf foam and three comfort layers. The result is a medium-firm firmness with a rating of 5 out of 10.


This mattress also has a 1.8pcf support core and two comfort layers resulting in firmness of 6 in a scale of 1-10.

Tuft & Needle

With 7-inch support and a single comfort layer, T& N feels a little bit hard though it is still in the medium-firm scale with a rating of 6.5 out of 10.

Winner – Here, we will contradict ourselves a little bit by introducing a whole new concept called ‘universal mattress firmness.’ This is a term coined to refer to the standard mattress firmness that suits most sleepers. Good mattress firmness is in the 5-7 range, also referred to as medium firm but the accurate ‘universal mattress firmness’ is 6, in a scale of 10. That said, Leesa has the best firmness, but as we will discuss later, each firmness targets a set of sleepers, so there’s no loser even though we have a winner.

Temperature neutrality

During summer and hot weather, many sleepers get uncomfortable because of the heat. In the same token, some sleepers are naturally hot sleepers meaning they sweat even when it is not necessarily hot. In that case, you need to pick a mattress for hot sleepers.

The most important consideration here is the temperature neutrality – a mattress’ ability to remain cool through air circulation.

So, which is the best mattress for hot sleepers in this Casper vs. Tuft & Needle vs. Leesa mattress comparison?

Tuft & Needle

This mattress sleeps cool courtesy of the wicking infused gel and graphite in the T&N Adaptive foam.

Besides, the rayon cover material is known for its cooling properties, and most importantly, it is breathable.


This mattress has a proprietary LSA200 Foam Technology™ and a microcell structure that leaves airways in the foam for air circulation.

The breathable Lycra® Spandex cover also sleeps cool in temperate regions and also enhances breathability through its pores.


This mattress also has a breathable rayon cover that boosts air circulation in and out of the mattress allowing body heat to dissipate.

The mattress also comes with open-cell foam with tiny pores for air circulation.

Winner – It is hard to call a winner here because all the three mattresses sleep cool.
We, however, liked the Tuft & Needle for having infused gel and graphite; two materials with excellent cooling properties.
This complements the small pores within the foam and the equally breathable cover.
Leesa is also a good option because of the microcell structure and Lycra spandex cover material.
As for Casper, there have been several complaints, especially from buyers living in hot regions for example Florida.


This is the odor associated with a new mattress, especially a memory foam mattress that has been newly opened from its vacuum sealed package. Typically, memory foams release a slightly bad odor when the package is opened.

Whether you have allergies or not, you need to be concerned about a mattress’ off-gassing and most importantly, how long it will take for things to get back to normal. No one wants to sleep in a stuffy room with foul odor.

Please note, off-gassing is normal with memory foam mattress is and is not a sign of substandard materials as many websites suggest. It is also imperative to note that different materials have varying levels of off-gassing.

So which of the three mattresses in our review will.


This mattress releases a foul smell when unpackaged, and this is understandable as it is a memory foam mattress.

But the odor fades away in 4-5 days contrary to the 48 hours the company promises.

Tuft & Needle

There is no much difference between this mattress and Casper Original.

Also here, expect it o, but at least it clears in a maximum of 72 hours, so you get to enjoy your comfort sooner.


This mattress is also known for off-gassing, but at least the smell is not as bad as that of T&N and Casper.

Another thing, the bad odor clears a little bit faster than the other two.

Winner – All these mattresses use eco-friendly and standard memory foam so there shouldn’t be a contest here. But as we promised, there is a winner, and our choice is Leesa not because it doesn’t have a bad odor; it clears in less than 48 hours and is not that strong and irritating like Casper and T&N.


In the recent past, there has been a controversy regarding the materials mattress manufacturers use in their products.

This is because some brands use raw materials that have substantial effects on the environment.

  • The problem is that each brand controls whatever information that is out in the public domain. It was easy for brands to cheat and claim their mattresses are Eco-friendly.

To curb this, we now have several bodies that certify the standards of mattresses.

So before buying Casper, Tuft & Needle or Leesa, it is imperative that you ascertain the bodies that accredit each mattress if any.


Casper has its foam certified by CertiPUR-US.


CertiPUR-US also certify this mattress brand.

Tuft & Needle

This mattress also has CertiPUR-US certification, and on top of that it is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and GREENGUARD Gold certified which means it has been tested for toxic substances in textiles and VOC emissions respectively.

Winner – All the three mattresses have been manufactured with eco-friendly foam that is CertiPUR-US®.
This means there are no ozone depletors, mercury, lead, PBDE flame retardants and other composites regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).
Foam is also Low Volatile Organic Compounds emission which ensures air quality.
That said, there is no clear winner here. While T&N looks like the best option because of three certifications, CertiPUR-US is the industry standard.

Motion isolation

If you are an active sleeper or your partner is one, you need to be concerned a lot with motion isolation. You don’t want to disturb your partner when moving in the bed, in or out.

Hybrid and coil spring mattresses are the best but the three in our review are memory foam mattresses which have average motion isolation.

But at the end if the day, there is one memory foam mattress that has the most reduced motion isolation.


This mattress offers reduced motion isolation but is not better than box spring mattresses and hybrids as the company suggests.

We can, however, confirm that your partner won’t be disturbed when six inches away.

By the time the energy is transferred six inches, it will have been suppressed.


This mattress deadens any disturbance caused by the sleeper’s movement.

The multilayers work to absorb the energy transferred when either partner is moving in or out of bed.

We tested it, and the disturbance was felt from 8-inches away.

Tuft & Needle

This mattress also absorbs pressure and energy quite well and can also be suited for active sleepers or couples.

We could, however, feel the disturbance 8-inches away from where we laid pressure.

Winner – All three mattresses have excellent motion isolation. But Casper is the best choice because the layers dampen the motion really well such that a6 six inches away, the other partner won’t feel any disturbance.

Where to buy, shipping & delivery

Where are you buying the mattress from?

Some brands are available online only through the manufacturer’s website while others may be on the manufacturer’s website or through third party online retailers.
In the same token, some brands are available online as well as offline stores.

Shipping is also a concern. Memory foam mattress is a bulky order even though it may be vacuum sealed.

  • Make sure the mattress you want to buy can be delivered in your locale. It is also important to ascertain the shipping charges if any. Lastly, does the company offer set up and old mattress removal?

A good deal is a 10-year warranty, at least 100 days of sleep trial and white glove service.
So which brand wins this battle?


This mattress is available online on the Leesa website as well as third-party online stores including Amazon.

It comes when compressed and vacuum sealed and can be shipped anywhere in the US for free with the exceptions being the peripheries like Alaska and Hawaii where orders attract a shipping fee.

An order made via the Leesa website come with in-home delivery and set up, but Amazon orders don’t have this service.


The Casper Original also ships in a vacuum-sealed box and is available on the Leesa website, Amazon and some offline stores.

It ships for free in all regions in the United States save for Alaska, Hawaii and other peripheries.

Unfortunately, white glove service is not available for the Casper Original, unless the Casper Wave.

Tuft & Needle

This mattress is available on the T&N website and also 3rd party online stores as well as brick-and-mortar stores.

It comes in a vacuum-sealed design and ships to all states in the US for free save for Hawaii and Alaska regions.

Same day delivery is available at a fee, and there is no in-home setup for orders made on 3rd party websites.
Winner: It is not easy to call a winner here because all the three brands offer the same shipping and delivery.
However, T&N sounds a good deal because of the optional same day delivery (at a fee). Otherwise, the shipping is free regardless of the brand you choose.

Warranty & sleep trials

Am important consideration when buying mattresses is the warranty length and sleep trials. It is imperative that you get a mattress with the most extended warranty. This saves you in case it has any manufacturer’s defects.

Sleep trials are also vital because shop trials may give a wrong feel.bAt least with 30 days if sleep on the mattress, you can’t be sure it is the right choice.

Most mattress brands offer 10 years warranty, but this doesn’t mean the mattress can last ten years.


This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty that is entirely non-prorated. The company also offers free shipping and returns, but orders made from 3rd party websites may attract a cost when claiming returns or exchanges. The sleep trial is 100 days and doesn’t have a mandatory 30-day break in period.


Here, you also get a 10-year prorated warranty so make sure to read thoroughly to know what is covered and what is not covered. The warranty is not transferable and applies to the first owner only. Customers also get a 100-day sleep trial without a break-in period. Returns made through the Leesa website are free.

Tuft & Needle

The T&N also has a 10-year warranty that covers the mattress against any unexpected dipping or sinkage as well as other manufacturer’s defects. It is accompanied by a 100-days sleep trial to make sure it is the right mattress for you.

Winner: In deciding a winner here, we don’t solely based on the warranty and length of sleep trials.
Some brands may offer a long warranty, but they are ingenuine when it’s time to honor them.
Casper has the best warranty and after-sales service, and you hardly find complains about them dishonoring warranties like Leesa. T&N.

Tuft & Needle vs. Casper vs. Leesa; Which is the best mattress?

Now, we are almost winding up our mattress comparison review. It is time we make a final decision on which is the best mattress to buy in 2020.

But before that, you need to be aware of the costs.

Casper is an expensive brand, and the Queen size model of the Casper Original will set you back around $900.

As for Tuft & Needle, at least the price is fair but still, the Queen size costs around $800. At least the Tuft & Needle has a fair price; around $600 for the Queen size and that’s why we reviewed the King size instead to at least match Casper and T&N.

So when it comes to price, and you’re on a budget, the Leesa universal is the winner.

  • But then, it is not a wise idea to shop strictly based on prices; cheap is expensive. You should always strive to settle on a mattress depending on the kind of sleeper you are. That’s a clever approach if you want value for your money.

There are several types of sleepers: back, stomach, side, and combination sleepers. Besides these we have couples, arthritis patients, hot sleepers, among others.

Buy a mattress depending on the type of sleeper you are, and we guarantee that you will get a comfortable sleep and value for money. Don’t fall for the many marketing gimmicks.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which is the best mattress for back sleepers?

Here, you want a firm mattress with solid core support to ensure your heavy body parts remain afloat on the mattress and most importantly, your entire back is supported, and the spine is aligned with the pelvic area.

Tuft & Needle is our best choice here because its support core is thicker meaning it is solid and doesn’t sink from the weight of the back. If you are 200 lbs and above, you can trust Tuft & Needle Original.

For lighters sleepers, pick Casper Original as it offers just the right sinkage.

Which is the best mattress for stomach sleepers?

Stomach sleeper will get the most out of a medium-firm mattress. There should be a balance between support vs. comfort.

Leesa Universal Memory 10-inch Foam mattress is our choice here courtesy of a single 6-inch support core and two layers for comfort. The result is a good medium-firm feel that neither feels too soft nor too hard.

Which is the best mattress for side sleepers?

Casper Original 10-inch Mattress is a good choice here because it offers just the right support to ensure you don’t sink now that you are exerting the pressure of your body weight on a smaller portion of your body (arms and hips).

Its body contouring is also excellent and relieves the arms and hips as well because they are crucial pressure points.

Which is the best mattress for combination sleepers?

Those who sleep on their backs and stomachs will also find value in the Casper Original. It offers a balance between firmness required for the back, and soft feel when lying on your stomach.

Tuft & Needle and Leesa are also not bad options for combination sleepers.

Which is the best mattress for hot sleepers?

Tuft & Needle Original Foam is the best for hot sleepers.

The rayon cover is breathable and has excellent wicking properties.

In addition, the microcell foam has perforations for airflow and is infused with graphite and gel which have cooling properties as well.

Casper Original and Leesa Universal can also be great purchases but not as T&N.

Which is the best mattress for allergy sufferers?

A hypoallergenic mattress is what you need here, and fortunately, the three options are hypoallergenic. This means they will not harbor any allergens like dust mites, pollen, and bad odor.

But Casper is a sweeter deal as it has a hypoallergenic latex.

Wrapping Up

There you have it; a Tuft & Needle vs. Casper vs. Leesa mattress comparison review.

As we have seen, there is no single mattress that we can fully guarantee to be the best. It all depends on your sleeping needs.

Make sure you understand your sleeping needs, and the kind of mattress required. This is the surest way to ensure that you are getting value for your money and most importantly, a comfortable sleep.

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