Tulo vs Casper Mattresses Comparison

Tulo vs Casper

Good quality of sleep is the most crucial thing in the normal functioning of the human body. If you have a good night’s sleep, you will think quicker, be more creative, your mood is better, and your body feels better.

The sleeping process is also connected with social and emotional aspects, so it is vital which mattress and pillow you sleep on and which frame it has. With an excellent bed, you will dream bigger. Two brands will be compared in this article – Tulo vs Casper.

On behalf of the most popular hybrid items, you can find out which one will be better for your comfort sleep.

Is Tulo a good brand?

Tulo logoMattress Firm for 90 years organized sales of mattress produced by many companies with the best price, but in 2017 using their Sleep Experts they launched production of their own mattresses with Tulo brand. Tulo brand has three types of mattress firmness – medium soft, medium firm and firm. Their selling scheme is bed-in-a-box ensuring delivery to your house skipping shop attendance. They produce foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses and pillows. The company gives ten years’ warranty on their mattress and 120- night trial period during which you can return the mattress for free.

The most advanced Tulo mattresses are Hybrid Mattresses that combine pocket coils and foam. They are available in six options with different thicknesses and firmness – from 8″ to 13 inches and firm, medium firm, and plush. Such a choice of options allows us to find the most suitable model for each sleeping position and each sleeper’s weight. Mainly, side sleepers prefer soft or medium firm models, while back and stomach sleepers choose firm models.

Like many other hybrid mattresses, they contain several layers that react to your body and reduce partner presence – a base layer with coils and up to four foam layers for support and ventilation. The high-quality materials are certified with CertiPUR-US Certified – non toxic materials. The nice feature of Tulo mattresses is their price- it is lower than average bed-in-a-box mattresses.

Bellow will be compared three top-seller models of Tulo Hybrid Mattresses:
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13 INCH Memory Foam Plus Coil Support Hybrid Mattress | MED Firm Comfort

One of the best Tulo firm mattresses for back and stomach sleepers. It has five layers plus a poly knit cover. Like all other Tulo mattresses, it is delivered to the purchaser’s door; you should remove it from the box to expand to the natural size. It could be put on an adjustable base to elevate the top or bottom of the mattress.

The first layer is 0.75″ medium comfort, with the second 0.75″ firm comfort foam together forming a quilting layer and keeping the optimal temperature of the human body. The following third layer is a 2″ gel memory foam that offers pressure relief and body contouring. The fourth layer is a 1″ firm transition foam, and the third one creates a comfort layer for cooling the mattress. Finally, the fifth layer is a base layer from 660 isocore-wrapped coils with a height of 8″ for increased support of the sleepers and provides edge zoning.

The coil system responds to sleeper movements and reduces partner disturbance (turning, tossing). With proper support and spine alignment, common problems are reduced – soreness, sleep apnea, pain in the shoulders, hips, and back. All used materials are eco-friendly and have temperature regulations for drawing heat away from the body.

It is available in all sizes (Twin, Twin XL, King, California King, Full, and the most standard Queen size).

12 INCH Memory Foam Plus Coil Support Hybrid Mattress | Plush Comfort

This Tulo plush mattress is the best one to comfort side and back sleepers. It has four layers and a poly knit cover on the top. Even though it is very soft, it provides proper body support and weight distribution.

The quilting layer consists of the top knit cover, poly fiber layer, and the first layer of 0.75″ medium comfort foam – all together, they regulate the body’s temperature, draw away heat and provide a cooling technology. The comfort layer consists of the second layer, 2″ Gel Memory Foam, and the third layer, 1″ firm transition foam. These layers provide extra cushioning and also a cooling comfort for the contoured sleeper’s body. The support system is the same as the previous medium firm mattress and is represented by 660 wrapped coils with a height of 8″. Coils are responsible for edge zonings and firm edges.

This mattress also helps reduce all sleep disruptors: acid reflux, sleep apnea, body pains, snoring, tossing and turning of a partner, and body overheating. With the same delivery convenience and no harmful breathable materials, this mattress is built to last a long time.

It is available in all sizes (Twin, Twin XL, King, California King, Full, and Queen size).

8 INCH Memory Foam Plus Coil Support Hybrid Mattress | Firm Comfort

This Tulo firm mattress should be chosen for back and stomach sleepers to comfort their sleep. It has three layers and a soft to touch knit cover. The standard contactless delivery of this mattress is offered for free with this mattress. This mattress is the cheapest among the other three Tulo mattresses.

Like all Tulo mattresses, it consists of a quilting layer, a comfort layer, and a support system. The quilting layer is represented with a knit cover, fiber layer, and 0.75″ medium comfort foam. The comfort layer consists of 1″ firm comfort foam. And the Support system includes 660 wrapped coils for zoning and solid spinal support with 6″ height. Medium and firm comfort foams ensure enough cushion, while coil support responds to the body movements and decreases the partner motion.

All material features of ½ memory foam and ½ coil system combined with eliminating sleep disruptors (back pain, apnea, snoring) make this firm mattress a good choice for prolonged and unproblematic sleep.

It is available in all sizes (Twin, Twin XL, King, California King, Full, and Queen size).

Is Casper a good brand?

Casper logoCasper Sleep Inc. is a private company founded in 2014 with HeadQuarters in New York City, producing and selling top-quality mattresses in Canada, the USA, and Europe. Casper Company is so sure of the quality of its products that it offers a 100-night money return period if you do not like the mattress. Also, a 10-year limited warranty is provided for mattresses, including the internal components – springs and foam.

Casper’s R&D recently announced new hybrid versions of mattresses. All of their mattresses are developed with deep knowledge of the technical sight of sleep – ergonomics, spine alignment, body pressure, microclimate inside the mattress (temperature and humidity), and durability. New fabrics introduced in the hybrid version of mattresses are welcoming to a night of good sleep.

Each mattress goes through a significant number of tests – more than 100 on 25 machines and porotypes. Hybrid mattresses are advanced and used materials – memory foam, latex, and spring system – that provide body pressure relief with targeted support and ensure more relaxed sleep. All Casper’s materials regularly pass the Consumer Product Safety Commission for containing harmful emissions. In addition, Casper uses renewable textiles from plastic bottles that make their products eco-friendly.

That is why here are compared three hybrid mattresses from Casper:

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Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress

Original Hybrid Mattress is an excellent example of the combination of soft foam layers and a firm classic spring system. It has three layers plus a pillow top for comfort cushioning.
The upper layer is 1.5″ AirScape perforated breathable foam to allow hot air to escape from the mattress and provides a cooling effect. This breathable polyurethane foam has thousands of perforations to make the perfect airflow inside the mattress.

The next layer is a 2″ three zones support layer from premium foam to provide targeted support for hips, shoulders, and spine, where it is required the most. The central zone is the firmest to lift the hips; nearby, there is the softest zone to make shoulders sink, and the rest is a firm zone for health support for all sleeping styles.

And the last layer – 7″ foundation duo-layer coil springs in pockets and base foam to keep the support to the mattress for the whole length and width, including a firm border. This endurable base works naturally with two upper two layers to make this mattress super comfortable.

The price of this mattress is the most pleasant among other Casper Hybrid Mattresses, which is why it is the most popular.

It is available in all sizes (Twin, Twin XL, King, California King, Full, and the most standard Queen size).

Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress

This mattress was developed for sleepers who prefer sinking in soft mattresses. It combines soft, luxurious, and proper spine support with four layers of foam and springs and an inviting top layer.

The upper layer is 1″ AirScape breathable foam with tiny pores to let hot and cold air out. This adaptable foam is the softest of all used in Casper’s mattresses. The second layer is made from 1.5″ AirScape breathable memory foam with three ergonomic zones, similar to Original Hybrid Mattress, to reinforce the third layer with support foam. This mattress has two breathable layers to provide an additional cooling effect at night.

The next layer is 2″ seven zones from Support Pro foam to align the spine in the best resting position. Soft foams relieve the pressure from your shoulders and upper body parts, firm foam in the middle aligns the spine, and pocket springs actively support your legs. And the last layer is 7″ resilient hundreds of resilient springs in the durable base foam to make a perfect foundation and prevent sinking.

This supportive and comfortable mattress has the median price among Casper Hybrid Mattresses.

It is available in four sizes (Twin XL, King, California King, Full, and Queen size).

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

The Wave Hybrid Mattress was designed for people having back and shoulder aches and pains; it has the best support with soft features, which is so traditional for Casper’s Hybrid mattresses. The best supportive bed does not have to be the firmest, so Wave Hybrid has six layers and eco-friendly textiles at the top.

The first layer is a thin cooling gel to maintain the comfortable temperature of your body and cool to the touch. The second layer is 1″ AirScape open-cell foam for plush and hypersensitive effects. The third layer is 1.5″ AirScape natural latex to provide a cushion feeling. All these three layers regulate the extraordinary temperature of the mattress to prevent overheating and cooling your body. The fourth layer is 1.5″ zoned support max memory foam to relieve body pressure. The fifth layer is 1.5″, a 3D zoned support layer with up to 78 gel pods for targeted support in the most required areas.

Gel pods, in addition to foam, support the waist and lower back. The mattress is designed to have three supporting types the shoulders, waist, and hips, which is why the spine is in the most comfortable position on this mattress. And the last layer is typical hybrid 7″ pocket coil springs in a base foam for edge support.

This most supportive mattress is the most expensive from Casper Hybrid Mattresses, but it is worth it.

It is available in all sizes (Twin, Twin XL, King, California King, Full, and Queen size).

Tulo vs Casper Face-to-Face Comparison

So, the two brands produce top-quality mattresses with different firmness levels and therapeutic support. To compare two brands and understand which one will be preferable for your sleeping preferences, below listed the face-to-face comparison of their essential parameters: comfort, usability, support, firmness, cooling technology, partner motion separation, delivery and warranty, free trials, and returns.

We will compare the most popular mattresses of each brand 13 INCH Memory Foam Plus Coil Support Hybrid Mattress from Tulo and Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress. They reflect all main characteristics of Hybrid mattresses of these brands.

Comfort and usability

The comfort and usability start from feelings from the touch of the top of the mattress; its installation easiness and sleeping comfort are independent of weight and position of sleeping.

Top layerBed frameRecommended sleeper’s weightRecommended sleeper’s position
TuloKnitted compositionDirectly floor / Platform bed / Spring foundation / Adjustable bedLightweight, average, and heavy sleepersSide/ back/ stomach sleepers
Casper100% polyester, bottom and sides polyester-spandex compositionPlatform bed / Adjustable bedLightweight and average sleepers (130 – 230 LBS)Side/ back/ stomach sleepers

Tulo mattress has more advantages in comparison with Casper mattress because of more availability for all types of sleepers and bed frames. But the top layer of the Casper mattress is an absolute winner in softness and welcoming to sleep on it.


Tulo mattress is the winner as its mattress is suitable for all sleepers on all bed frames. At the same time, Casper’s heavy sleepers will not be so comforted.


The construction of these hybrid mattresses is similar – foam and coil support.


Tulo Support
Supporting layers consist of 2” Gel-memory foam, 1” firm transition foam, and 8” encased coil support.


Casper Support
Supporting layers consist of 2” Zoned memory foam and 7” base encased coil support.

But Casper has memory foam with several zones for countering the body shape. In contrast, Tulo has support foam on the bottom and medium soft foam at the top, with transition foam in the middle to prevent body imprinting. With Casper, you will have body relief while sleeping on this mattress. With Tulo, you will forget about common snoring and body aching problems.


Nevertheless, the construction is slightly different, and the goal is achieved with different materials; both mattresses are suitable for sleepers searching for proper spine alignment and support.


There is a significant difference between these two brands in general. For example, Tulo produces three types of mattresses (firm, medium firm, and plush), while Casper has only one firmness – combined.


Has firm mattress


Has combined typed type

Tulo produces three types of mattresses (firm, medium firm, and plush), while Casper has only one firmness – combined. The compared Casper mattress has three firmness zones – two plush zones for sinking shoulders and hips and one firm for the waist. The multi-zone mattress ensures spine alignment in the healthiest way to prevent body aching. Casper states that all sleepers will find these mattresses comfortable. Meanwhile, Tulo mattresses are more understandably dedicated to a specific type of sleeper. Tulo mattress has a wrapped coil system and gel-memory foam responding to the sleeper’s body and maintaining correct joint and spine position.


Casper mattresses are preferable if you and your partner choose different types of sleep or you are changing sleeping positions during the night. But both mattresses have proper spine therapeutic support.

Cooling technology

Both mattresses have excellent temperature neutrality to absorb the heat from the human body and sleep on a cool mattress compared to other mattresses with foam layers.


Cooling layer is 2” gel memory foam


Cooling layer is 1.5” open-cell foam

Original Hybrid Mattress from Casper achieves the cooling effect with perforated foam, allowing airflow between layers. Memory Foam Plus Coil Support adds gel foam for temperature regulation and draws back the heat from the sleeper’s body. All materials in both mattresses are breathable and eco-friendly.


There is no winner. Different materials are equally perfect, ensuring a cooling effect.

Partner motion separation

Casper Partner motion separation
Many sleepers share the mattress with their partners, so it is important not to wake up from their movements.


Mattress motion isolation is above average and no noise from movements


Mattress motion isolation is excellent and no noise from movements

Even though both mattresses have several layers of foam and wrapped coils, tests show that Casper mattresses do not transfer any motions from the partner, while the Tulo mattress is slightly worse in this regard. Also, these mattresses do not produce any noise during any movements.


The Casper mattress is the winner as it is excellent in reducing any disturbance of the partner nearby – no noise and feeling of motion. Only when you want.


These two companies Tulo vs Casper allow their customers to order mattresses from home, free delivery to the door and remove the old ones (white glove delivery for some mattresses is available).


Tulo Delivery
Bed-in-a-box package with delivery for free within the USA


Casper Delivery
Bed-in-a-box package with delivery for free within the USA and Canada

Tulo delivery takes 3-5 business days to Alaska and Hawaii – up to 14 business days. Delivery to these two states is executed without the service of disposal of the old mattress. Casper delivery takes 2-5 days (New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles can rely on same-day courier delivery). Additional fees may be required for Hawaii, Alaska, and Northern Canada.


Casper is the winner as they deliver for free in addition to the USA to Canada.

Warranty, free-trials, and returns

Tulo and Casper deliver their mattresses in a box, but Tulo has an excellent option to test the mattress in the shop, while Casper cannot offer this option. But both mattresses have an excellent proposal for warranty and trial conditions.

Tulo provides the most extended trial period – 120 days. The Tulo Sleep Experts suggest experiencing at least 30 days of a new mattress, even though the free return option covers a full refund (exchange) and free return within the trial period. Casper policy is the same – free return and refund or exchange within a slightly smaller trial period of 100 days. Both Companies offer on all their mattresses ten years of limited warranty.


Tulo is the winner as it has a more extended trial period with the possibility to try the mattress in the shop first.


There is no much difference in essential parameters of Tulo vs Casper Mattresses. Even though their construction is different, the tests show excellent results for both mattresses. The Casper mattress wins only in firmness categories (combined firmness is easier for sleepers who do not have specific positions), motion separation, and delivery terms. In comfort and usability, slightly ahead is the Tulo mattress, recommended for all sleepers with all types of beds.

But there is no winner in the main categories of spine support and cooling effect – parameters that determine the good quality of sleep. So, you can buy both mattresses; the Tulo one will be a little cheaper.


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