Casper vs. Brooklyn Bedding Comparison Review

Casper Brand
Casper vs. Brooklyn Bedding – this is one of the hotly contested debates online. The two brands boast quality mattresses at affordable prices. If you are torn between the two, this comparison review will help you make the right purchase decision.

This article will explore everything buyers need to know about these two mattress brands, from the types of mattresses offered to the available mattress sizes and thicknesses. We will also compare comfort, support, temperature regulation, offgassing, warranty & sleep trials, and shipping & delivery.

To start, here is a background of the two brands.

Is Casper a Good Brand?

Casper Brand
Yes. Casper is a good brand, it’s not just about the hype; the company manufactures high-quality mattresses that guarantee comfort and durability. Even though the brand’s mattresses are pretty expensive, they guarantee value for money.

Casper is a leading mattress brand that started in 2014. Even though it’s a relatively new company, its huge investment in R&D and the adoption of the latest innovation have helped it rise the ranks to become one of the household names in the industry. If you don’t want a mattress manufactured in China using cheap materials, Casper should be on your wishlist. Casper mattresses are manufactured in the United States using CertiPUR-US certified materials.

Is Brooklyn Bedding a Good Brand?

Brooklyn Bedding Brand

Brooklyn Bedding is among the best mattress brands today. Mattresses from the brand offer excellent comfort and support for all types of sleepers. What’s more? Brooklyn Bedding mattresses guarantee durability and come at affordable prices.

Brooklyn Bedding was started in 1995, and for over two decades, the company has built a great reputation for its high-quality mattresses that exceed buyers’ expectations. Brooklyn Bedding manufactures its mattresses in the United States using natural and sustainable CertiPUR-US certified materials. Recently, it was announced that Nest Bedding and Brooklyn had merged. This is a move that will surely take the two companies to the next level.

Face to Face comparison

Now, onto the main business of the day, how does Casper compare to Brooklyn Bedding?

1. Mattress Types

The first thing we will assess in this comparison review is the mattress types offered. As you may be aware, there are different mattresses, each designed for a specific set of sleepers and sleeping needs. The best brand should have a variety of mattress types so buyers can get customized mattresses to suit their different sleeping needs.

So, what mattress types do these two brands offer?

Casper Mattress Types

Casper boasts a wide selection of mattresses, including memory foam and hybrid mattresses. As the name suggests, Casper memory foam mattresses are constructed entirely using foam.

The list of Casper memory foam mattresses from the brand includes Casper Mattress and the Casper Element.

There are also several Casper hybrid mattresses constructed using foam on the comfort layers and coil springs in the support layer. They include Casper Nova Hybrid, Casper Hybrid, and Casper Wave Hybrid.
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Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Types

Just like Casper, Brooklyn Bedding also has two types of mattresses; all-foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses.

Brooklyn Bedding hybrid mattresses are constructed using memory foam in the comfort layers and coil springs in the support layer.

They include Brooklyn Signature, Brooklyn Spartan, Brooklyn Aurora, Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid, and Brooklyn Bloom. The American brand also has a foam mattress known as Brooklyn Bowery. It is entirely constructed using memory foam.
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In terms of mattress types, it’s hard to call a winner as both brands have all-foam mattresses as well as hybrids. If you are looking for a hybrid mattress, Brooklyn Bedding will be the best deal as there are plenty of options to choose from. As for buyers looking for memory foam mattresses, Casper is the best as it has variety.

2. Mattress Sizes

Once you have settled on the best mattress type, the next concern will be the mattress size. Casper and Brooklyn Bedding, just like all other mattress brands, have different mattress sizes. There are mattresses for kids, teens, single adult sleepers, couples, tall sleepers, etc.

To help you choose the best mattress size, below is a simple guideline on the standard mattress sizes and the type of sleeper each mattress size is ideal for.

  • Twin Size – This mattress measures 39 x 75 inches and is a single sleeper mattress for kids, teens, and single adult sleepers.
  • Twin XL – This mattress size measures 39 x 80 inches and is suited for tall sleepers whose legs remain floating on a Twin Size bed.
  • Full Size – Measuring 54 x 75 inches, this mattress is best for single adult sleepers and maybe teens.
  • Queen Size – This mattress measures 60 x 80 inches and is suited for couples and small to medium-sized bedrooms where the King Size and Cal King beds can’t fit well.
  • King Size – This mattress measures 76 x 80 inches and is best for couples with large bedrooms.
  • Cal King – A Cal King mattress measures 72 x 84 inches and is best for tall sleepers who don’t fit on King Size beds.

So, what mattress sizes do the two brands in this discussion offer?

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Sizes

This brand has plenty of mattress sizes to choose from. Brooklyn Signature Hybrid, Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid, Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid, Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid, and Brooklyn Bowery are available in seven sizes; Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, and Custom Sizes.

On the other hand, Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Hybrid is available in seven sizes; Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, and Split California King.

Casper Bedding Mattress Sizes

Casper also has plenty of mattress sizes, so whether you are looking for a mattress for the kids or a mattress for couples, this brand has got you covered.

Casper Original Mattress, Casper Original Hybrid, Casper Wave Hybrid, Casper Element, and Casper Nova Hybrid are available in six sizes; Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.


Casper and Brooklyn Bedding have all the standard mattress sizes. But then, Brooklyn Bedding is the winner in terms of mattress sizes as it comes with additional sizes – custom sizes. That means buyers can get a more customized mattress size depending on the size of their bedrooms or beds.

3. Mattress Firmness

Mattress Firmness Scale
The firmness of a mattress is all about how hard or plush it is. Many buyers have been asking what’s the best mattress firmness? The truth of the matter is that there is nothing like the best mattress firmness. What can be the right firmness for one person may be a nightmare for another. So, what’s the best mattress firmness for you?

Well, it all depends on two things; your body weight and your sleeping position. Below is a guide to help you buy a mattress with the right firmness.

  • Extra Soft (Firmness Scale 1-2) – This is a plush mattress best suited for light sleepers under 130lbs.
  • Soft (Firmness Scale 3) – This is also a soft mattress ideal for side sleepers under 130 lbs.
  • Medium Soft (Firmness Scale 4) – This mattress firmness is best for sleepers under 130 lbs and side sleepers under 230lbs.
  • Medium (Firmness Scale 5) – A mattress with medium firmness is ideal for side and back sleepers between 130 lbs and 230 lbs.
  • Medium-Firm (Firmness Scale 6) – This firmness is suited for side sleepers over 230 lbs and sleepers between 130lbs and 230 lbs.
  • Firm – (Firmness Scale 7) – A firm mattress is best for stomach sleepers exceeding 130lbs and side sleepers exceeding 230lbs.
  • (Firmness Scale 7) – A firm mattress is best for stomach sleepers exceeding 130lbs and side sleepers exceeding 230lbs.

Now that you know about the different firmness levels and who each firmness level is best for, let’s find out what Brooklyn Bedding and Casper offer.

Casper Mattress Firmness

Casper Mattress Firmness
Casper mattresses come in two firmness levels. Casper Original Mattress, Casper Original Hybrid, Casper Wave Hybrid, and Casper Nova Hybrid are available in medium-firmness.

On the other hand, Casper Element comes in medium-firm.

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Firmness

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Firmness

Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid and Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid are available in medium-soft, medium-firm, and firm. As for the Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid and Brooklyn Bowery, the available firmness is medium-firm. Last, Brooklyn Signature Hybrid is available in medium-soft, medium-firm, and firm, while Bloom Hybrid is available in medium and firm.


As far as mattress firmness level goes, Brooklyn Bedding is the best choice. Casper mattresses come in two firmness levels only, while Brooklyn Bedding mattresses come in five firmness levels. That said, buyers can go for a more customized firmness level with Brooklyn mattresses.

4. Mattress Thickness

Mattress Thickness
Mattress thickness is also an important consideration when buying a mattress. Buying a mattress with the wrong thickness is not something you want. So, what’s the best mattress thickness?

There is no such thing as the best mattress thickness. A thick mattress may be comfortable for one person, but the same mattress can be uncomfortable for others. The basic rule of the thumb is going for a thick mattress if you are heavy and need proper support. However, for light sleepers, a thin mattress is the best. So, how do these two brands compare?

Casper Mattress Thickness

  • Casper Original Mattress: 11-inches
  • Casper Original Hybrid: 11-inches
  • Casper Wave Hybrid: 13-inches
  • Casper Element: 10-inches
  • Casper Nova Hybrid: 10-inches

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Thickness

  • Brooklyn Signature Hybrid: 11-inches
  • Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid: 13.5-inches
  • Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid: 13.5-inches
  • Bloom Hybrid: 11 and 14-inches
  • Brooklyn Bowery: 10-inches
  • Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid: 10-inches

Here, it’s hard to call a winner as both brands have thin and thick mattresses. That said, buyers have plenty of options to choose from depending on their weight.

5. Mattress Comfort

When buying a mattress, comfort is one of the critical aspects to consider. Here again, there is nothing like the best mattress comfort. A mattress may be comfortable for me, but that doesn’t mean it will also be comfortable for you. A comfortable mattress should contour around your body curves for adequate pressure relief.

So, how does Casper compare to Brooklyn Bedding in terms of comfort?

Casper Mattress Comfort

Casper Mattress Comfort
Casper mattresses are known for comfort, especially the foam models. Casper Mattress and the Casper Element are the most comfortable Casper mattresses. The duo comes with comfort layers crafted from premium foam that contours around all your body curves and offers excellent pressure relief. The two mattresses scored 8.5 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Comfort

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Comfort
Brooklyn Bedding’s foam mattress will be the best bang for the buck if you are looking for comfort. This is the Brooklyn Bowery. The mattress boasts a 2″ layer of comfort foam and a quilted gel memory foam for precise contouring and pressure relief. On a scale of 1 to 10, the Bowery clinches a cool 8.5 in terms of comfort.


As far as comfort is concerned, the two brands are great. They all scored 8.5 out of 10 in our exclusive ratings. However, from online customer reviews and ratings, Casper seems to be a fan favorite.

6. Mattress Support

Besides comfort, it’s also important to assess the support of a mattress. You want robust support to ensure the body, including the spine and neck, are aligned naturally. Now, there is no universal mattress support. Heavy sleepers want a mattress with robust support to hold on to their weight without sinking the mattress. But for the light sleepers, support is not a major concern.

So how do the two brands compare in terms of support?

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Support

Brooklyn Support
All Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are crafted using high-quality materials in the support layer. However, the hybrid models offer the best support as memory foam tends to wear down faster than coil springs.

All Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are hybrids with heavy-duty pocketed coil springs that provide excellent support regardless of your weight. The Brooklyn Signature, for example, comes with a 2-inch transition layer of Energex polyfoam plus 6-inch pocketed coils.

Casper Mattress Support

Casper Support
Casper, too, is known for offering mattresses with robust support. Here again, the best option is the Casper hybrid models that come with coils that hold up for longer than memory foam. The Casper Nova Hybrid, Casper Hybrid, and Casper Wave Hybrid are the best Casper mattresses in terms of support.

This is courtesy of innovations such as Zoned Support. The mattresses come with heavy-duty coils in the support layer. There’s also an additional polyfoam support layer. This combination makes Casper among the best mattresses for sleepers looking for adequate support.


When it comes to support, the battle is between Casper hybrid mattresses vs Brooklyn Bedding hybrid mattresses. While the two brands are pretty similar, it’s Casper that carries the day courtesy of longer 7-inch coil springs that are sturdier than Brooklyn Bedding.

7. Temperature Regulation

For a comfortable sleep, the sleeping surface should be temperature neutral. That said, temperature regulation should be an essential consideration when choosing between Casper and Brooklyn Bedding. In this section, find out which is the best mattress for hot sleepers.

Casper Temperature Regulation

Casper mattresses sleep cool. The memory foams, Casper Mattress and Casper Element, come with AirScape technology that allows for proper air circulation in and out of the mattress. The hybrid models are much advanced when it comes to sleeping cool. The coil springs are better ventilated compared to memory foam, so that means enhanced breathability. Furthermore, the likes of Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress come with a gel layer that is cool-to-the-touch.

Brooklyn Bedding Temperature Regulation

Brooklyn Bedding mattresses also sleep cool. However, the memory foam model, Brooklyn Bowery, is not the best for temperature regulation as memory foam doesn’t allow for proper air circulation. The best choice is the hybrid models, which come with coil springs in the support layer allowing for proper ventilation. What’s more? Some models, such as the Brooklyn Spartan, come with copper infusions that neutralize the temperature.


Regarding temperature regulation, the debate is between Casper hybrid mattresses vs. Brooklyn Bedding memory foam mattresses. Casper is the winner considering its temperature regulation technology is much more efficient than Brooklyn’s. On a scale of 1 to 10, Casper scores 9.0, while Brooklyn Bedding scores 8.5.

8. Eco-Friendliness

Mattresses can take a toll on the environment, so when buying one, check whether or not it is eco-friendly. Here, ascertain whether the materials used are sustainable and conform to international standards. Another vital thing is offgassing. The aim here is to buy a mattress that doesn’t emit that foul odor for long.

How Eco Friendly is Casper?

Eco Friendly
Casper mattresses are made using natural and sustainable raw materials that are CertiPUR-US certified. The foam has been manufactured in a safe process that doesn’t cause any harm to the ozone layer. What’s more? Casper is a brand that takes care of the environment, and that’s why it aims at collecting old mattresses for proper disposal or recycling. This way, old mattresses won’t end up in landfills. When it comes to off-gassing, it’s unfortunate that Casper mattresses are known to off-gas for longer. If you have allergies, this will be a concern.

How Eco-Friendly is Brooklyn Bedding?

Eco Friendly
Brooklyn Bedding is also an eco-friendly mattress brand that minds about the environment. The company manufactures its mattresses with sustainable materials that have no harm to the environment. The foam used on all Brooklyn Bedding mattresses is CertiPUR-US certified. When it comes to offgassing, at least Brooklyn Bedding mattresses release the foul odor in 24-48 hours. After that, you can sleep in peace.


Both brands manufacture their mattresses with natural and eco-friendly foam. The difference comes in offgassing and mattress disposal. Casper is an excellent choice as it offers an eco-friendly old mattress disposal option – white-glove service. This is a service that Brooklyn Bedding doesn’t offer. On the other hand, Brooklyn Bedding doesn’t off-gas for long, just a few days, and you are okay. But Casper can release that foul odor for up to weeks.

9. Motion Transfer

When purchasing a mattress, it’s also worth considering motion transfer. For starters, this is the ability of a mattress to spread the energy created when one turns or tosses on the mattress.

As you may be aware, when someone climbs on the bed, tosses, or turns, a disturbance is created. Such disturbances can be a nuisance if your sleeping partner is the restless type.

So, how does Casper compare to Brooklyn Bedding in terms of motion transfer?

Casper Motion Transfer

Casper mattresses are designed to transfer motion evenly to prevent any disturbance at night. The memory foam mattresses, Casper mattress, and Casper Element are the best Casper mattresses for motion transfer. The hybrid models also do a great job. On a scale of 1 to 10, Casper’s motion transfer is 8.5.

Brooklyn Bedding Motion Transfer

Just like Casper, Brooklyn Bedding mattresses offer excellent motion isolation, making them perfect for sleepers whose partners are restless at night. The memory foam mattress, Brooklyn Bedding Bowery, is the best as it is an all-foam mattress. The hybrids also transfer motion quite well. On a scale of 1 to 10, Brooklyn Bedding’s motion transfer is 8.0.


As far as motion isolation is concerned, Casper mattresses are the best. We tested them by throwing dumbbells on it, and the results show that Casper transfers motion better than Brooklyn Bedding.

10. Warranty and Sleep Trials

Another important consideration when buying a mattress is the warranty and sleep trials. A trusted mattress brand should have an extensive warranty to cover buyers against unexpected wear or manufacturer defects.

Besides a warranty, buy from a mattress brand that offers a sleep trial. As the name suggests, this is some form of warranty that covers you if a mattress you purchased doesn’t meet your sleeping needs.

So, how do the two brands compare here?

Casper Warranty & Sleep Trials

Casper comes with a 10-year warranty that covers the manufacturer’s defects, such as cases of sagging or dipping during the first few months of use. When it comes to sleep trials, Casper mattresses come with a 100-day sleep trial, with a 30-day mandatory requirement.

Brooklyn Bedding Warranty & Sleep Trials

Brooklyn Bedding is also a great brand when it comes to warranty. A 10-year warranty covers all the mattresses. As for sleep trials, this brand allows users to try the mattress for 120 days. Here too, there is a 30-day mandatory sleep requirement before you can lodge a return request.


Both Brooklyn Bedding and Casper come with a 10-year warranty, so as far as warranty is concerned, it’s a draw. But when you factor the additional 20 days on Brooklyn Bedding’s sleep trial, it is ultimately the winner here.

11. Shipping & Delivery

When buying a mattress, it’s also worth considering the shipping & delivery. Here, we recommend buying from a brand that offers free and expedited shipping. You don’t want to spend more on shipping charges. Another thing, you want to get your mattress as soon as possible. White glove service is also desirable.

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Shipping, Charges, & Delivery

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Shipping
Brooklyn ships its mattresses in a bed-in-a-box design to the entire contiguous US. Logistics are handled by FedEx, and orders arrive in 3-5 days. Brooklyn can also ship to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii upon request and at a fee.

Unfortunately, Brooklyn Bedding doesn’t offer white-glove service, so buyers have to dispose of the mattress and set up the new mattress themselves.

Casper Mattress Shipping, Charges, and Delivery

Casper Mattress Shipping
Casper also ships its mattresses when compressed and vacuum sealed in what is known as a bed-in-a-box design. The company ships mattresses via UPS within 1-2 business days for free in the entire contiguous US. Buyers in Alaska, Canada, and Hawaii can also request delivery, but a fee. In addition, Casper is a premium brand that offers white-glove service at a fee.


In terms of shipping & delivery, Casper is the best bang for the buck. Shipping is free, and orders arrive faster than Brooklyn Bedding. What’s more? Buyers can opt for the white glove service where your old mattress will be removed and the new one set up for you by experts.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, folks, a Casper vs. Brooklyn Bedding face-to-face comparison review. Indeed, Casper and Brooklyn Bedding are two popular mattress brands. While the mattresses from the two brands have a lot in common, there are clear-cut differences that make each of the brands more appealing to a specific set of sleepers.

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