Lucid Black Friday Mattress Deals 2021

Lucid logoLucid is one of the most famous and beloved mattress brands in America and foreign countries. So, why not benefit from the upcoming Black Friday 2021 discounts to refresh your bedroom and improve the quality of sleep?

And we’re going to tell you exactly how to do it in this Lucid Black Friday Mattress review!

When Is Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday 2021 will start on the 26th of November and will last till the 28th of November. Thus, sellers open the Thanksgiving and Christmas sales encouraging people to consider gifts.

When it comes to mattresses, you can both make a stunning present to your beloved ones or to yourself with a great benefit. We suggest focusing on Lucid brand products since they combine great quality, reasonable prices and annual Black Friday discounts. This combination gives us the courage to hope for stable sales this year too.

About Lucid Black Friday

Lucid logo

As we said, Lucid belongs to America’s most respected mattress and sleeping accessories companies. The brand provides organic materials, a wide choice of models for every sleeper, and all mattress covering – from foam to hybrid.

The manufacturer’s philosophy is based on the principles of freedom of choice, so the number of mattress collections pleased us a lot.

Moreover, the prices are very humane. Models are sold for $300-$800, while you can even find $200 offers. It’s no surprise that, with all these pros, Lucid conquered the world’s popularity.

But can we count on even more generous offers during Black Friday 2021? What discounts are expected? To answer these questions, let’s briefly describe its top models.

The Best Nectar Models and Discounts

So, currently, Lucid offers three main lineups:

  • Gel memory foam mattresses;
  • Latex mattresses;
  • Hybrid mattresses;

Within the series, mattresses differ in height (from 5 to 14-inch high) and firmness (firm, medium, or plush). Thus, you can get a maximum customized product that will satisfy your sleeping needs.

Gel memory foam models consist of several foam layers. Each level serves certain purposes. Below, we have charcoal-infused base foam that is responsible for body support and hypoallergenic characteristics. The second transition foam adds extra rest points and isolates motions. Finally, memory foam hugs your body during the night, relieves pressure and adjusts to your shape for comfort. When it comes to covering, natural materials successfully regulate body temperature.

You can get yourself a gel memory model for $125 (if we’re talking about Twin) when the top price reaches $650 (for King and California King). Lucid often releases 11%-15% offs on these models on a daily basis. Last Black Friday, we witnessed 20%-30% drops (the pricier model, the greater discount is offered). So, this Black Friday, we’ll get Twins with a $20-$25 off, while Kings may lose about $100.

Lucid Latex mattresses use the basic construction of the gel memory foam but complement it with several innovations. Here, we see an extra latex layer and steel coil base. The support foam-springs-support foam sandwich with upper memory and latex layers provides a greater therapeutic effect. And latex itself prevents sinking. So, these mattresses are specially designed for those loving rigid sleeping foundations.

According to the official website, within the series, there are two modifications – firm and medium mattresses of 10-inch and 12-inch height. The price varies between $300-$650. Let’s hope that Lucid Black Friday 2021 will bring us $70-$100 as it was in 2020.

As you may notice, Latex mattresses already belong to the hybrid type. However, the manufacturer prefers to separate such products into a special group of Lucid Hybrid mattresses. Their main feature is a combination of modern memory foam layers with traditional spring systems as bases. Sensitive customers, young parents, pet owners, and people with allergies will love the Bamboo Charcoal Hybrid with aloe vera extracts. The mattresses fight against allergens and unpleasant smells as well as control body temperature during the night. Heavy sleepers and people with spinal problems may try the firm Latex products.

Hybrid mattresses cost $250-$650 depending on the firmness, size, and height (10-inch or 12-inch options are available). Right now, we find 30% off coupons, so this means at least the same Black Friday 2021 deals.

How to Find the Best Black Friday Mattress Deals 2021?

If you found our review informative and useful, please follow our blog. Our team is happy to provide you with up-to-date information on the best mattress Black Friday discounts.
But to increase your chances of getting a profitable Lucid Black Friday deal this November, let us highlight some more ways.

Make sure to subscribe to the Lucid official website. Log-in, subscription, and providing your email information mean you’ll get quick notifications on the current sales events and coupons.

Many customers track price changes on major online platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and the like. Some of these sources offer exclusive programs, members of which get limited discounts and goods. Amazon Prime is one of the most successful and available.

If you liked this review, leave your comment below and stay with us. More useful Black Friday deals are waiting for you!

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