Sealy vs. Serta vs. Simmons

Sealy vs. Serta vs. Simmons
Today, I am going to compare Sealy vs. Serta vs. Simmons “bed in a box” products. If you are a fan of this concept, then this comparison review is for you!

Sleeping is as vital as breathing, eating, and drinking. Lack of quality sleep can be the root of some of the most serious problems. So, how can you get healthy sleep? The answer is to get a mattress that not only feels cozy but is also firm enough to align your spine and support important zones of your body.

Here are some products that make excellent options if you are seeking comfort and firm support.

Product Overview
Sealy 8” Bed in a Box: This mattress is one of the coziest ones I tried. I felt like melting into a slab of warm butter!
Sealy 12” Hybrid Essential Bed in a Box with CopperChill – Medium Firm, Queen: This bed is my favorite among the bunch although it tends to be a bit more expensive. The cooling technologies and reinforced support are the features I love most about this mattress!
Serta SleepToGo 12″ Gel Memory Foam Luxury Mattress: Are you in the market for a firm bed? If so, this might be the one you are looking for. The thickness and density of the foams will support your weight.
Serta 7” Cooling Gel Memory Foam: This bed is perfect for the average sleeper. It isn’t too firm nor too soft.
Simmons 8” Memory Foam Mattress: This bed may not boast catchy features, but I can guarantee it will still bring more bang out of your buck.

Comparison Table

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Main Difference

  • Sealy’s Hybrid Essential is the only hybrid mattress (a combination of coils and foam) in this comparison review.
    With nearly 1, 000 coils, this bed might work well for you if you are looking for more support to ease joint pain and chronic back pain.
    Likewise, the coils work as a natural conductor to help disperse heat away from your body. The coils are also encased, allowing each coil to move independently. Thereby, it isolates motion extremely well.
  • Serta’s SleepToGo is the only mattress in this review that uses a 3-inch egg-crate foam to promote air circulation. The company prefers to call it, the “Air Channel Foam.”

Sealy 8” Bed in a Box – Firm, Queen

You don’t have to dig deeper into your pockets just so you can try a high-quality bed. One thing I admire about Sealy is that they always produce well-engineered mattresses regardless of the price. Of course, the 8” Bed in a Box is no exception to this rule!

The mattress features two layers of foam, resulting in a supportive and comfortable mattress. As you lay on the bed, you’ll find the 2” memory foam tailoring itself to your unique shape. As such, it helps relieve pressure off your neck, lower back, and other heavy areas of your body.

But as with memory foam beds, heat retention is a perennial problem. On the positive side, it isn’t much of a concern if you live in a cold environment or if you like being warm.

  • Includes a removable and machine-washable knitted cover
  • Limits motion transfer and has decent edge support
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Free 100-night trial period + 10-year warranty
  • 10 years warranty
  • Slow response movement leaves combination sleepers feeling stuck
  • Retains heat, causing others to sweat

Sealy 12” Hybrid Essential Bed in a Box with CopperChill – Medium Firm, Queen

Two of the key features of the Hybrid Essential are the 968 individually wrapped coils and reinforced edge system, better known as the DURAFLEX COIL EDGE. This layer of dense coils aims to provide better back support and spinal alignment.

What’s more, it provides a superior ability to limit motion transfer. Whether your partner sits at the other side of the bed or tosses and turns while sleeping, you’ll remain undisturbed!

You’ll also love the luxurious comfort provided by two layers of special memory foam. The top layer is a 1” Premium Response memory foam fused with CopperChill™ followed by a 2.25” advanced comfort foam.

Unlike the previous Sealy, this one offers you a cooler, more comfortable sleep.

  • Hypoallergenic, and breathable construction
  • Caters to different types of sleepers
  • Exemplary edge support and non-existent motion transfer
  • Compatible with these bases: flat foundation, platform bed, slatted base, and adjustable base
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Free 100-night trial period + 10-year warranty
  • Includes a removable and machine-washable knitted cover
  • A rather expensive choice

Serta SleepToGo 12″ Gel Memory Foam Luxury Mattress

Serta is another brand backed by years of expertise and a stellar reputation. In this review, we have the affordably priced SleepToGO 12″ model, which I guarantee will bring value for your money.

Whether you sleep with your partner, child, or pet, this bed will benefit you significantly as it isolates motion exceptionally well. You’ll never have to worry about getting disturbed when your partner changes sleeping positions or when your child or pet clambers into your bed.

This mattress is also ideal for hot sleepers due to its premium gel-infused memory foam. Both back and combination sleepers will find this satisfying in terms of support. It provides stability to promote spine alignment as well as pressure relief.

  • Breathable construction
  • Caters to back sleepers and combination sleepers
  • Greatly reduces motion transfer and bounce
  • Compatible with different bases
  • Poor edge support
  • Non-removable cover

Serta 7” Cooling Gel Memory Foam

This Serta mattress offers a unique blend of firmness with the comfort of a pillow top. Serta’s gel-infused memory foam is engineered to enhance airflow. Thereby, it releases trapped heat and helps you sleep more comfortably throughout the night.

Hot sleepers will benefit this bed significantly due to its cooling properties. Combination sleepers can likewise change into different positions much easier than traditional memory foam beds.

But if you don’t enjoy the feeling of being “in” the bed and prefer a more lifted feel, you might want to look elsewhere.

  • Breathable construction
  • Absorbs heat and disperses it across the surfaces
  • Limits motion transfer and bounce
  • Compatible with different bases
  • Too thin for couples and heavy sleepers
  • Poor edge support
  • Non-removable cover

Simmons 8” Memory Foam Mattress

If you want a budget option and do away with the bells and whistles, this mattress might be the one you need. The affordable price point makes it a great choice for the budget-conscious. You get a durable bed with a plush memory foam layer that won’t give you that sinking feeling.

The bed, unfortunately, falls short in orthopedic benefits, but it is decent enough to be used for a child’s bedroom or guest room.

The bed is firm. It isn’t bouncy at all! Most importantly, it does a great job at preventing motion transfer on the mattress.

Also, I wouldn’t say it would last as long as its competitors in this review, but the quality isn’t so-so for the price you pay. And despite its simple construction, you won’t sleep hot or get disturbed by your partner as he/she changes to different sleeping positions.

  • Firm but not bouncy
  • Combination sleepers will find the memory foam top responsive enough
  • Offers decent motion isolation
  • Perfect for those on a budget
  • Lacks edge support
  • Durability isn’t at par with others
  • Non-removable cover
  • Not for hot sleepers

Face to Face Comparison: Sealy vs. Serta vs. Simmons

Specs and Composition

Sealy 8” Bed in a Box – Firm, Queen

Sealy 8 Composition
This mattress arrived on my doorstep in a modest 16.5″ x 45.5″ box. Most memory foam mattresses I purchased before required at least 24 hours to fully expand. So, I was pleasantly surprised that this product inflated to its full 60” x 80” shape within 8 hours. And from 47 pounds, it went 61 pounds (28 kg).

But unlike the 12” Hybrid Essential, this model took a little longer to fully expand since its composition is all foam: 6” ultra-support foam and 2” advanced comfort foam.

Cleaning bed covers, moreover, is one of my pet peeves since I own a dog. Thankfully, this mattress came with something not many traditional beds include — a removable, machine-washable cover! You can invest in a waterproof bed sheet if you like, but you won’t worry about not having one.

Sealy 12” Hybrid Essential Bed

Sealy 12 Composition
The package arrived weighing 70 pounds (32 kg). It wasn’t a backbreaker for me, but older people might struggle with it and need extra help. After unwrapping the product, it puffed to 80” X 60” and weighed a whopping 103 pounds (48 kg) within a few hours.

The mattress, moreover, measures 12 inches from top to bottom. Sealy’s Hybrid Essential comprises four layers:

  • 0.75” ultra-support foam
  • A layer of 8” barrel-shaped coils
  • 1” Premium Response memory foam fused with CopperChill™
  • 2.25” advanced comfort foam

Furthermore, this mattress is compatible with any setup. You can use this mattress on traditional box springs, platform bed frames, or adjustable frames.
This mattress is also enclosed in a knitted cover, which you can remove for washing. The cover is 98% polyester and 2% spandex.

Serta SleepToGo 12″ Cooling Gel Memory Foam Luxury Mattress

Serta SleepToGo 12 Composition
Serta also has their line of beds in a box that you can use in minutes. Yup, that’s right! You won’t have to tie down this 93.6-pound mattress to the roof of your vehicle.

The bed is 12 inches thick and comprises three layers:

  • 2.5” Premium gel-infused memory foam
  • 3.0” Air Channel foam
  • 6.5” Serta Foam Core
Despite its all-foam construction, this bed is pretty firm for someone my size.

Serta 7” Cooling Gel Memory Foam

Serta 7 Composition
This Serta mattress features a similar composition as Sealy’s 8-inch Queen Bed. The only difference is the base foam, which is an inch thinner. While seven inches might be too thin for others, it’s actually a suitable choice for people with limited ability. This makes the bed a lot easier for them to get in and out of the bed.

As with others, this bed also comes rolled up in a sleeve inside a box! While you can sleep on the mattress immediately, it may take about 24 to 48 hours for it to completely straighten out. When fully expanded, it measures 81″ x 58.7″ x 7″.

Simmons 8” Memory Foam Mattress

Simmons 8 Composition
According to Simmons, this bed should be eight inches thick comprising of:

  • 2” gel memory foam
  • 2” Motion Separation Layer
  • 4” supportive base layer
Unfortunately, several reviews complained that it only expanded to 6.5 inches after one week. While I did not encounter the same problem, I did notice a foul chemical smell that lasted for about a week.

My biggest gripe, however, is the cover. The cover was not meant to be washed or dry cleaned. Should stains permeate in the cover, you could only clean those areas with a damp cloth.

Cooling/Temperature Regulation

Sealy Temperature Regulation

Sealy 8” Bed in a Box – Firm, Queen

Heat retention is one thing you might bellyache about this mattress, especially if you’re sharing a bed with your partner or pet. The compressed particles of the memory foam limits air circulation, thus causing heat to build up in the mattress. But if you live in a cold environment and you like being warm, then this might not bother you at all.

Sealy 12” Hybrid Essential Bed

Copper-infused memory foam is Sealy’s new addition to the market. Better known as CopperChill™, it claims to draw body heat away from the sleeper and spread it evenly across the surface area of the mattress. Although the surface isn’t cool to the touch unlike gel-infused memory foams, I can assure you that you won’t wake up in a sweat.

Serta SleepToGo 12″ Gel Memory Foam

Serta made it possible to sleep on a hot summer night without waking up drenched in sweat! Built-in cooling technologies, such as the gel-infused memory foam, channel heat away from your body so you can sleep soundly.

Serta 7” Cooling Gel Memory Foam

This mattress also features the same gel-infused memory foam, which absorbs heat. If you are always getting night sweats, you might want to try this bed to help you cool down while you sleep.

Simmons 8” Memory Foam Mattress

The gel-infused top layer of this mattress should help you stay cool throughout the night. But unfortunately, the results aren’t as equally effective as others, especially when you live in a humid, hot environment.

Firmness and Support

Sealy 8” Bed in a Box – Firm, Queen

Sealy 8 Firmness

This bed veers on the softer side of the spectrum despite Sealy’s claims of being a “firm mattress.”

At 2 inches, the memory foam isn’t too thick nor too thin. The thickness is enough to provide its sleeper with luxurious comfort. It conforms to my shape, thereby relieving pressure off my neck, lower back, and knees. The 6-inch dense base foam, moreover, restricts the sinking sensation.

Then again, people have different interpretations of “soft” and “firm.” A mattress that feels soft to me might already feel firm to you. After all, a person’s preferred sleeping position, weight, and body type are factors that will influence the firmness level of a bed.

I am 5”4 tall and weigh 130 pounds. This queen mattress makes me feel as though I were sinking into an oversized marshmallow. Even so, I still feel supported.

Sealy 12” Hybrid Essential Bed

Firmness Sealy 12
According to a 2010 study, sleeping on a medium-firm mattress with a combination of foam layers and pocketed coils helps relieve pain and stiffness. Tempur-Pedic hybrids have confirmed this, but I want to know if cheaper hybrids can somehow catch up starting with Sealy’s Hybrid Essential.

While 800 coils are the standard for a queen-sized bed, Sealy went over the top and went for 968. Boy, oh boy! A higher coil count does provide better support. The mattress is firm enough to align my spine and supports heavier zones of my body, such as my hips and shoulders. Believe me, it feels heavenly that I no longer have to place a pillow underneath my lower back!

Above the coils are two layers of special memory foams made for contouring and pressure relief. I can feel the foams hugging me, but I don’t have that quicksand feeling. All in all, I am pleased with Sealy’s 12-inch Hybrid Essential!

Serta SleepToGo 12″ Gel Memory Foam

Serta SleepToGo 12 Firmness
The SleepToGo is firmer than I expected. While it somehow loosened up after a little while, I still find it a little too firm. Despite the memory foam layer, I don’t get that “sinking sensation,” which can be a plus for some. Given my weight, I would rate this bed a firmness scale of 6. Big and heavy guys, however, may find this an advantage.

Serta 7” Cooling Gel Memory Foam

Serta 7 Firmness
There are perks to this bed that makes it an excellent choice for back and side sleepers. Thanks to its contouring effect, back and neck pains are reduced as you can now sleep in a more natural resting position. All in all, it’s a firm bed that can hold its shape well.

Simmons 8” Memory Foam Mattress

Simmons 8 Firmness
I find this bed a little bit soft. But as I lay on it, I can still feel that it’s firm and comfortable. But if I were taller and heavier, I think my hips would significantly go further down than my shoulders; thus, creating an uneven dip. When it comes to spine alignment, children and young teens should have better luck.

Motion Distribution and Edge Support

Sealy 8 Motion Distribution

Sealy 8” Bed in a Box - Firm, Queen
As expected of memory foam, I like how this mattress restricts motion transfer. My 66-pound Chow Chow sometimes wants to sleep beside me. When I am fast asleep, I have no slightest idea that she has already hopped out of my bed the next morning.
Sealy 12” Hybrid Essential Bed in a Box with CopperChill
Another thing I love about this mattress is its ability to limit motion transfer. As a matter of fact, this model actually does better than the regular Sealy mattress. My canine buddy can jump in and out in the middle of the night while I remain undisturbed.
Having a high number of individually wrapped coils also puts this mattress high above continuous coil systems. What’s more, it boasts of a border of stronger, denser coils for exceptional edge support.
Serta SleepToGo 12
Couples and those who sleep with their pets will benefit from this bed. The SleepToGo isolates motion well. You won’t have to worry that you might get disturbed by your partner or furry pal when changing positions or getting out of bed. Sadly, it lacks edge support.
Serta 7” Cooling Gel Memory Foam
The gel-infused memory foam also helps make motion transfer virtually non-existent. Therefore, it is a great choice for couples, as well.
Simmons 8” Memory Foam Mattress
To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from Simmons. But to my surprise, this bed does a pretty decent job at keeping my dog’s movements from disturbing me. Of course, the bed still jiggled but
And despite being having a memory foam top, I find it responsive enough. I can shift positions on the mattress anytime.
But to my dismay, the mattress failed on my edge support test. I sat on one edge and put on a pair of socks, but I kept slipping off the edge.

Types of Sleepers: Who are These Beds For?

Sealy 8” Bed in a Box – Firm, Queen

  • This mattress is ideal for people who lie on their backs. The memory foam molds around the sleeper’s body, easing pressure on heavy areas, such as the shoulders and hips.
  • Side sleepers can also benefit from the mattress’s ability to distribute weight evenly.

Sealy 12” Hybrid Essential Bed in a Box with CopperChill – Medium Firm, Queen

  • Back and stomach sleepers will find this mattress both comfortable and supportive.
  • Combination sleepers may also prefer the Hybrid Essential to a regular Sealy mattress. The mattress can bounce back to its original shape.
  • The reinforced edges and individual pocketing of the coils make this mattress a fantastic choice for a couple, as well.

Serta SleepToGo 12″ Gel Memory Foam Luxury Mattress

  • Hot sleepers will benefit this bed significantly due to its cooling properties.
  • Combination sleepers can change into different positions much easier than traditional memory foam beds.
  • This bed also provides stability to a back sleeper.

Serta 7” Cooling Gel Memory Foam

  • The thickness of the bed is sufficient for physically challenged individuals who have a hard time getting in and out of the bed.
  • Combination sleepers will benefit from this bed as it doesn’t give you that sinking feeling.

Simmons 8” Memory Foam Mattress

  • This mattress is a sound choice for children and lightweight individuals.
  • Combination sleepers can easily change different positions in this bed.

Warranty and Trial Period

When shopping online, one of the best ways to determine a mattress’s durability is to check into the company’s warranty. Equally important is the trial period. You need to know how a mattress feels after sleeping on it for consecutive days or weeks. Many brands won’t feel quite the same as when they were still new.


Sealy doesn’t sell their mattresses directly. Regardless, you can enjoy a 10-year warranty if you purchase them from an authorized retailer.

Sealy also offers a 100-night sleep trial for their mattresses. On the other hand, some US retailers may extend the trial period up to 20 days more. During this period, you may return or exchange your mattress with a different model. Keep in mind that you’ll need to consider the return policy at the online or local retailer where you made your purchase.

Sealy encourages its customers to contact the retailer first should there be any concern. If the retailer fails to honor the warranty, you can always turn to the company for help via customer support.

Serta and Simmons

Serta and Simmons are both owned by the National Bedding Company. Both brands offer long warranties ranging from 1 to 20 years. Their mattresses also come with a 120-night sleep trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sealy mattresses good quality?

faqSealy is notable for its high-quality mattresses.

Do Sealy mattresses sag?

Sealy is confident that their mattresses do not sag, thus backing their products with a solid 10-year warranty.

What is the best month to buy a mattress?

The best time to get the best mattress deals starts from May to June. And as always, you can find sales during Black Friday as retailers try to make room for newer models.

Is Simmons the same as Serta?

Simmons is the sister company of Serta.

How long does a Serta mattress last?

A Serta mattress may last more than five years. Higher-end models may even last for up to 10 years with care.


Of all the beds I reviewed, Sealy 12” Hybrid Essential Bed in a Box with CopperChill™ is my personal favorite. It offers the best of both worlds. It is way softer than a regular foam mattress and at the same time, it provides support better than a traditional innerspring mattress. On the downside, you’ll pay extra for the added features. But if money isn’t a problem, this bed will exceed your expectations on many levels!

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